How to see Cohort data past the 30 day limit?

  • 29 November 2022
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Seems very odd that a platform as advanced and expensive as Amplitude doesn’t seem able to look back more than 30 days in the cohort population over time. Is there no way around this? Please don’t answer with 

In cohorts you can look at a max of 365 days(one year). Is this what you are looking for:


which is the only answer i’ve seen given by support agents on this forum. This is absolutely not the answer i’m looking for! I quite simply want to see our active user number from September but cannot find a way to do so… I can only see cohort population for the past 30 days and there appears to be no way around this nor any chart that helps with this (presumably) very simple task.


I might also add, the lack of proper customer support (no phone number, no email, no chatbot) is pretty appalling for a company that’s raised $300m!


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Hi Jake! 
While defining a cohort, you should be able to select a date range using the following options:

  • “During” last x days (you can chose x, setting it as 10 or 30 or more if you want)
  • “Since” x date (you can choose a specific date, such as the beginning of september which seems to be what you are looking for 😄)
  • “Within” two specific dates, dates that you can also define.

Here are some pictures to help you find this “since” option depending on the conditions you are using to define your cohorts:

When using the “… performed event” condition


When using the “...had property” condition
When using the “...had been new” condition

As for Amplitude support, they usually answer on very short notice and should be directly contactable through the Amplitude tool.

Hope I could help !

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This is great - thank you so much for your input, @Matrak!


Hi @jake . My name is Julia & I'm on the Support team here at Amplitude. I appreciate your thoughts and thank you for taking the time to write into our Community. 
I'm not sure which organization you are a member of and which cohort you are using, so I hope to help through this cohort I made in our Amplitude demo. If I'm understanding correctly, the frustration stems from the fact that this Population Over Time chart on the cohort's page does not go beyond the last 30 days - is that right?
If yes, you're correct - this chart's date range within the cohort page cannot be adjusted. I think having that flexibility is a great idea, though! Would you please submit this feedback to our Product team here ("Idea")? I think a lot of other customers would find this flexibility valuable, too.
I’m syncing internally to see if there’s a way to replicate the cohort’s Population Over Time chart within an event segmentation chart. I’ll let you know as soon as I have an answer for you.
Regarding your comment about our Support team, I'd like to point you to the article which covers our offerings & policy. Please let me know if you have any questions & I look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi @jake -- I heard back from Engineering. At the moment, we currently do not support replicating the cohort Population Over Time chart in an event segmentation chart. That said, the closest I can think of would be to build a chart like this, which can hopefully provide a population estimate.