How to disable sending events to Amplitude, but continue using Segment via the destination plugin?

  • 23 August 2023
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Hey everyone, in our project we use Ampli Wrapper and Amplitude Browser SDK v1.Our flow: Tracking plan → Ampli → Segment → Amplitude Data. We have successfully written and connected the destination plugin and sent the event to Segment (Library: segment). But the problem is, we still have duplicated events in the Amplitude (Library: amplitude-ts/1.12.0). How to disable these extra events? `optOut: true` is not an option. Thanks in advance for the help!

2 replies

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@Oleksii Fomazov welcome! And giant apologies for the very late reply. Were you able to get the issue resolved? A lot of the times when we see duplicate events, the root cause is in the set up and instrumentation. Have you gone through these steps to help troubleshoot?

Thanks for the response, @Esther Trapadoux. I couldn't find an answer and had to route the request for Amplitude to our custom-made stub server using a ‘serverUrl’ config option. This is an anti-pattern and I would like to eliminate it soon. Could you recommend me an expert who could help with this? Our system is historically built on Itly, then we upgraded to Ampli, now on Ampli Wrapper. The business requirement to send events to the aggregator (Segment), but I can't prevent sending duplication requests to Amplitude, although in a previous version of the SDK (JavaScript SDK) via Middleware is was possible.