How do I compare two funnels?

  • 15 July 2022
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So I created two funnels like this:

Funnel 1:

Events performed in this order: 1) Home Page Shown 2) Clicked About Us Button

Funnel 2:

Events performed in this order: 1) Home Page Shown 2) Clicked Contact Us Button


Now I want to create a chart that compares Clicked About Us Button to Clicked Contact Us Button and gives me the distribution in percentage. Can someone please help me with this?


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5 replies

Seems like Pathfinder is a way

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hi @sagarsoni7 , did Pathfinder work for you?

another option is to build two different funnels as you describe in your comment, and then posting both on a same dashboard and making visible the percentages as in first row of my screenshot, (Funnel 1 and Funnel 2)

the second row would be an option if making a comparison of properties within a single event rather than a comparison of multiple events (seems like this is not your case),

hope it helps,


Hi @Tatiana, I couldn’t give Pathfinder a try since it isn’t available in my current plan.


Adding funnels to a dashboard make it comparatively easy to compare, thanks.

Do you happen to know if I need to set duration of both funnels myself or the dashboard auto sets it? Else one of my funnel would be showing data from Last 1 day and other could display from Last 30 days

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Hi @sagarsoni7 ,


Glad to see @Tatiana answered your question! You would need to set the duration of both funnels yourself and save the charts. 


Hope that helps!


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Hello @sagarsoni7, If you ar not intend to see the grafic you coul built a table chart.

I make my funnels side by side in a table, check this out: