Dynamically generated data

  • 7 February 2023
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Can anyone point me to dev documentation that outlines how to capture dynamically populated data for an event? I have a developer that wants to understand how to capture activity on a page that generates different examples depending on what type of file is chosen. 


Best answer by timothy-permutable 8 February 2023, 10:55

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4 replies

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Sounds to me like can just be an event property, so the tracking event would look something like:

   "name":"Example Generated",

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Thanks for stepping in @timothy-permutable 😁

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Hello @RavenMoore that’s a great question and Thank you @timothy-permutable for the great suggestion. Please relay to the developer to try use the suggestion as it should work without issue. If you encounter any issues, please ping me here. 

@timothy-permutable  than you so much for the reply - I’ve already shared it with the developer and our internal community. Much appreciated!