Can I show the release annotation on specific charts not on all charts

  • 9 February 2022
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I want to add notes about the new release on charts to help us remember data may be impacted by the release.


However, I would like to add notes for specific charts only, while the release notes would be displayed on all charts.


Is that possible for me to decide where the annotation should be displayed now?




Best answer by Saish Redkar 9 February 2022, 07:24

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Hey @richard 

From what I know, the annotations made in a project are global in nature, i.e. they are displayed in all the charts within that project. The ability to display it selectively on certain charts happens to be quite a common feature request for the past few years. You can try submitting one in here for the Amplitude Product Team.

Hope this helps.


Oh OK! Thanks for your response @Saish Redkar . Hope Amplitude team can add the feature in the near future haha.

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Hi @richard ,


You could use the annotations API here which will let you create an annotation on a specific chart, and not globally. IMPORTANT: If you do not include a chart_id, the annotation will be global.


Is this what you were looking for?


Kind Regards,


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Thanks for sharing this @Denis Holmes !

I wasn’t aware of this feature via the Annotations API. Is there a way to remove these individual chart annotations via the UI after applying them from the API?

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Hey @Saish Redkar ! :hand_splayed:

Annotations can be removed from the specific chart by clicking on the data point containing the annotation. It’ll have the label name displayed and if you click on the label, a pop up to edit it will appear with a delete button in the bottom left :)

Global annotations can be removed the same way as well as going to the project settings UI → Project of choice → Annotations tab and remove it there, hope that helps!