User ID, Amplitude ID {where: ≠ is not} filter does not work

  • 11 February 2022
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I want to see the chart excluding the colleagues' User ID.  

When I set my User ID to 'is' for the test, the unique value worked well with 1. I can see I entered my User ID accurately. However, even if I set it as 'is not', my User Id is reflected when I did 'view users'.

* It also didn’t work with Amplitude ID

It would be greatful if anyone can help me 

Thank you!


Best answer by Zhenia Semenina 14 February 2022, 14:47

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5 replies

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Hey @Mano Lee ,


Do you happen to have a screen shot of the chart you’re using that you can share? This would allow me to better advise - thanks!


User ID does not work.

I set the User ID because I wanted to see the data for some users, but the value came out as 0.

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Hey Mano, 


Thanks for writing in, will be happy to clarify!


It is important to remember that Amplitude is an event-based Platform and so any events we ingest are ingested with the User and Event properties at the time they occurred

Our event data is historical and immutable and cannot be changed once ingested. So when you query on some Event A where eventA_property=X, we are looking for the users who have triggered Event A and eventA_property was equal to X at the time the event occurred. 

If you are seeing 'none' for some users in your analysis but you are seeing a value at the top of their user profile - this just means that the user currently has the value of X on their profile as this is their most recent event. But it might not be the property value that they had when they fired previous events.


So in short - the 'none' comes from the user not having that property or a value at the time the event occurred: meaning you might be querying on an event where the user did not have a User ID at the time of the event.

If you do not wish to see these '(none)' values, then you will need to make sure that the user property you are looking at is set by the time of the event you are looking at.

Some additional information on "none" values can be found here:
To learn more about event-based analytics, check out this post in our Community here:

Hope this helps!


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I used {where: is not} with User ID property . I put my User ID on it. but I am included in data.
I want to remove me from the data. I am sure my User ID property has been set. 

Thank you!


Hi Mano,

Based on the article that Zhenia linked and the fact that your data isn’t excluded even though it appears that you have your filter set correctly, I’m curious if adding (none), with the parentheses, to the list of User IDs that you’re trying exclude will exclude your data from the results.