Mean/Median Time to Churn

  • 16 November 2021
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Hi, all !!!

I want know the Mean/Median Time to Churn.

Churn means drop-off. The last time a user did an event.So if user first come to website on the 1st July, then on the 14th came back again to do another event. After that no more.The time to churn for that user would be 14 days.It took the user 14 days to drop off.

Are there any ways to do it?

Thank you!!!


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Hi @xiaomeng.zhang,

I’d recommend taking a look at our Retention Analysis chart! Churn rate is usually measured by our retention chart since retention is the opposite of churn. You could set up a simple retention chart like this that looks at the number of users who returned to your product by performing Any Active Event. For example, we can see that 39.82% of users churned on Day 3. Hope this helps!

Best, Julia