Is 'Start Version' What It Sounds Like?

  • 11 March 2022
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Hello! What I’m trying to get at is, essentially, what version a particular user was on when they first downloaded the app. I realized, to my surprise, that I couldn’t find a “download date” or “first session date” anywhere (that I can find, anyway--does that exist and I’m just not seeing it?), so I thought that understanding what their first version ever was could be a good way

But I don’t know if ‘Start Version’ is doing what it seems to indicate? I know what the help article says, but for me, the data doesn’t pass the gut check (it could be that my gut is totally malfunctioning though!)

This is a User Sessions chart with sessions grouped by Start Version, and what it seems to show is that users that started on versions prior to teal and orange aren’t generating as many sessions. Does this seem “right” to you folks?

Thanks for any help! 

2 replies

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Hi @leah.wilson ,


Thanks for writing into community!


So the Start Version would be the very first version a user had in Amplitude. It would seem there are users who had the start version before the orange and teal lines. It could be that they were recorded in Amplitude before and are not “new users” but just a regular user. 


You could look at users through the “New Users” event, but this would show users who sent their first events ever to Amplitude in their first calendar day. You would need to implement your own start date or the likes of, unless you have an event users trigger once when they first join? Perhaps a download event? You could then use that as your starting point for users. Can you show me the URl for the chart from the screenshot? I can then look into this some more and help explain!


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Hi @leah.wilson I hope all is well. I wanted to close the loop here. Do you have everything you need to make progress? So glad we’re connected here! 😀