Impossible to see the paths of users

  • 19 May 2023
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Hi there!
I have a problem: compiling funnels it is impossible to see the paths of users who have chosen other events and this happens with all events

Did anyone face with such a problem?


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Hi @Mikhail Yakubov thank you for surfacing this issue. This is a Priority1 bug that Amplitude engineers are actively investigating across all orgs. 

In the meantime to support your analyses, I proposed an alternative analysis suggestion using pathfinder charts here to gather more insights on which events users are performing between event A and B. 

  • Pathfinder chart 
    • In this chart, you can filter on paths that start with the first event in your funnel, and then filter by sessions that include the second event in your funnel. 
    • Then you can adjust the % buckets to view as granularly or as high level as you’d like for all the path variations users take within a session to reach event B.
  • Pathfinder users chart


I hope this supports your analysis as our team works hard to resolve this bug. Thank you