How to group events by day of week?

  • 30 July 2021
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I want to show the average or unique value of an event in the last 90 days, but grouped by day of the week. So I can see which days have more-less activity on that specific event.

Is this possible?


Best answer by Saish Redkar 31 July 2021, 05:19

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Hey @IceDev 
If you want a simple visualization of how a particular event is performed on a daily basis for the last 90 days, a chart similar to this one might help. This just shows which days in a week the given event is performed the most during that time period

But if you want to actually use a group by on the day of the week and display the event count by day of the week e.g Monday, Tuesday then there isn’t a direct way of doing this in Amplitude. A hacky  workaround would be to instrument the time aspect you want to capture as an event property on all events or the specific usage event, e.g "event_day" : "Monday".

Here’s a similar question which was asked before for added context-


Hope this helps!




@Saish Redkar Thanks for the reply, I was afraid of that my only choice was going to be the hacky solution.. but’s fine I’ll do that.

Have a great weekend.

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Hi @IceDev! I just wanted to confirm that Saish’s suggested workaround is also the recommendation we at Amplitude would provide as there currently isn’t a way to do analyses based on time of day. 

That said, I am more than happy to submit a feature request on your behalf to the Product team. Can you send me a DM with your org name, name, and email address? 

Alternatively, you can add this feedback to the Product Feedback section of the Community:


Looks like the Amplitude team implemented this now, and it’s in beta at a derived property for those with the Govern add-on.

I really like day of the week analysis, so I wrote a blog post describing how to use it: