How can I track url content in Amplitude?

  • 20 August 2021
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Hi everyone.

I have a LP with a CTA button, that applies a template as well as lead to an app registration, containing “projects/create?apply_template_admin_panel_resource=firebase”.

I want to track behavour of the segment of users who came through that link (meaning they enter the app with the template applied)

I’d appreciate any help,


3 replies


Oh, forgot to mention the problem is that I couldn’t find any property/event that would enable me to track this

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Hi MichaelK - 

Does LP stand for “landing page”? 

I’d recommend instrumenting an event property for when a user clicks the CTA button (event) on this landing page. Perhaps the event property could be URL and the value could be projects/create, or something like that. Do you currently trigger an event for this CTA button? How are you currently sending data to Amplitude?

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Hi @MichaelK Thanks for posting here. I wanted to circle back to see if you were able to make progress. We’re here to help! 😃