How can I calculate DAU/WAU?

  • 25 January 2021
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Hey guys!

I was working with a customer on setting up some charts and they were looking to set up a chart to calculate DAU/WAU. i.e. daily active users divided by weekly active users. Would this be something we can set up using custom formulas?


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Hi Serene,
I believe we can do this using custom formulas in event segmentation charts 


The interpretation of this ratio depends on how we are aggregating the event segmentation chart. ie. daily vs weekly vs monthly. 

We can also use this to calculate DAU/MAU ( stickiness)  : UNIQUES(A)/ROLLWIN(UNIQUES, A, 30)

Hope this helps!


-- Saish

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Totally agree with the answer above, but for a bit of an extended look at DAU/MAU and some common mistakes I’ve written an article:


Maybe silly question but if i want to calculate a DAU/MAU should i calculate it on a daily basis or a monthly basis ? I mean i would to know my DAU/MAU for let say the month of december : but in than case, for the DAU, sould i use the everage of DAU of december and then divide it by the MAU of december ? Or i can only have the DAU/MAU for each day of december.

I used the formula that was given here but when i click on amplitude on the Monthly button, i got an 400 error message, so i’m a bit lost. Many thanks in advance if you can explain this to me. Best Olivier

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Hi @Olivier B ! not at all a silly question, actually a very good one!


Yes unfortunately the formula won’t work when switched to monthly, because the units in the formula assume daily time intervals.


I believe the standard approach for calculating “December” DAU/MAU is exactly as you say - calculate DAU/MAU for each day, then take the average. I don’t think it’s possible to do that automatically with a formula though.

Hi Timothy ! Many thanks for your reply ! so i don’t have to start again all what i’ve done :)))