Funnel mis-representation of the KPIs

  • 28 July 2022
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I am trying to build a funnel of my main KPIs to show the conversion rate of the customers. The customer journey starts with viewing the page then performing some events until event 1 then some other events to event 2.. etc. My problem is the funnel doesn’t reflect the actual events done by the users and when I change the order it reflects the actual number of the users who performed the final event, what should I do to reflect the right numbers of customers who perform each single event ? 



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5 replies

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hey there, Amplitude Tech Support team here 👋 

thanks for writing in, can you please share the chart link with me? 




Sure, here you go


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So at the moment you are using ‘this order’ in your funnel.

This order requires users fire the events you selected in the order you specified before Amplitude will consider them to be converted. However, users may fire other events in between the ones you're interested in, and Amplitude will still count them among the converted.

You are experiencing a huge drop-off between the first and second step because most of your users (98.4%) just End the session after the Page view event: 


So the low numbers you see might be correct - check out this chart 

only 16 people in general has their job published in the last 30 days - so I would expect low numbers at each step of the funnel. 


why do you think that the numbers are inaccurate? which numbers do you expect to see instead? are you sure about the setup of your funnel (steps and their order)? 



Hi Zhenia,

I’m Hosny from Velents team, The issue is that even when we change Event performed in to be any order we still don’t see the results of the event Sign Up Successful & Jobs Published correct we have to move the event to the beginning to the start step like Gaber showed above.


So do we have to setup the Funnel analysis chart in a specific way or what do you recommend to us to track our funnel steps accurately? 


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If your customers are supposed to go through this flow (the steps you selected) in this order - you should not be changing the order just to fit the results..

I would look at the instrumentation and see if you are tracking those steps correctly!