Dashboard public link -> TV mode -> gray screen

  • 26 May 2021
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Hey fellow Amplitude users,

I’m trying to cast a 4 chart dashboard to an office screen (via Airtame), but have encountered an issue.


The approach

  1. Create public link to dashboard
  2. Add public link to our casting service
  3. ‘Enter TV Mode’
  4. Profit?



‘Enter TV Mode’ only shows a gray screen. I’m currently only able to display the public link page (without tv mode), where charts are too small to be visible.


I’ve made this test dashboard, where you can probably replicate the issue. On images below you see with/without tv mode.


Have I encountered some bug, or are there limitations to ‘TV Mode’ that I’m unaware of?




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After doing some tests on our dashboards, it seems that the TV Mode is not working with public links. If I use the regular dashboard view, the TV Mode works fine, but if I access the same dashboard with a public link, I encounter exactly the same thing you are reporting here.

So this sounds like a bug to me.

Do you have the option to use a regular dashboard view instead of a public link?

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You’re probably right in it being a bug, if we both encounter the issue.


Sadly, the casting option we use only allows us to add a chart link to be added.

We could do it if we casted directly from a laptop, but I doubt we have spare laptops for that stuff.


For now we’ve reduced the number of charts in the dashboard, and resized the screen to zoom in a bit more. It’s not perfect, but it works :) 

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Hi @andreas_heden @MikkoKarvonen ! 

Our sincere apologies as this slipped through our moderation. I have gone ahead and raise a bug case with our Engineering team. Will report back here when there are any updates to keep you in the loop! 

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Hi @andreas_heden @MikkoKarvonen !


Thank you for your patience regarding to this. The Engineering team has looked into this issue and deployed a fix this week to resolve the issue where public dashboards become a grey screen in TV mode! I tested this on my end and confirmed the fix. If you can verify on your end as well, that would be great! 

Apologies again that we missed this and thank you for your patience and understanding!