Controlling a funnel by a step in the middle

  • 2 June 2022
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Let’s say I have a funnel with 3 steps in this order (properties on indented lines):

  1. Do you have a vehicle?
  2. What vehicle types do you like?
    1. Type: [sports, suv, compact, motorcycles]
  3. What features do you like
    1. Features: [ac, steering, electric]

If a user only selects motorcycles in step 2, they will not be shown step 3.

I’d love to show a funnel that shows conversion through all three stages of the form, but I want to filter by users who selected sports, suv, or compact in step 2.

I understand this means step 1 to step 2 will have zero drop-off.

I want to measure the car lovers for finishing the form, so I don’t want to add a filter to step 2, “where Type contains sports, suv, compact”, because that will make our conversion look terrible if half of the folks who start the form only like motorcycles.

I can start my funnel on step 2, but I want to emphasize that there are 3 events in the funnel, not 2.

Question: How do I filter step 1 by their future choice in step 2?


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2 replies

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I wanted to clarify that step 1 to step 2 will not have zero drop-off, but rather the drop-off will be due to abandonment of the form.

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Hey there Tommy,

Thanks for writing in! 


The closest implementation I could think of for your use case is to maybe use our ‘broken down by’ feature.

You can then set up your funnel to break out conversion by event property values at a specific step of the funnel. This helps you understand what property value potentially has the greatest or smallest impact on conversion.

You can read more on it here


Hope that can work for your use case!