Giveaway: Set yourself up for success in 2023!

  • 15 November 2022
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Giveaway: Set yourself up for success in 2023!
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This year we want to celebrate our Community while giving back. The Amplitude Community is where you can get your questions answered and learn from other digital analytics experts. 

Our top contributor, Saish Redkar, has solved over 360+ questions. He also loves cheesecake! Here’s what he had to say about what this Community means to him:

Saish Redkar, Product Manager and Enterprise Customer

He also enjoys:

  • Getting to explore how the most common Amplitude charts/features are used in some of the tried and tested use cases and also in newer scenarios;
  • Gaining exposure to various industries and domains; 
  • Helping users who are just getting started with Amplitude to unlock the total value of the platform;
  • Meeting fellow community contributors and product analytics experts at events; 
  • And engaging with the product roadmap via the ideas forum.

Now, it’s your turn! 

Complete three of these before the end of the year, and you’ll win a gift card or cash to donate to a charity of your choice.





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