Week to Date vs Last Week to Date

  • 15 November 2023
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Hello I want to compare WTD vs Last WTD and have the chart update on Sunday -Saturday Week range.



Today is (Wed) Nov 15 (currently Sun 11/12, Mon 11/13, Tues 11/14, Wed 11/15 are in this week) and I want to compare WTD from previous week.  

Example of comparison

Sun 11/12 vs Last Sun 11/5 , Mon 11/13 vs Last Mon 11/6, Tues 11/14 vs Last Tues 11/7 , Wed 11/15 vs Last Wed 11/8.


The current example only allows me to scan last 7 days and compare vs previous 7 days.  But our fiscal week is Sunday-Sat and I want the chart to dynamically always check knowing that Sunday is the first day of the week.  I can use the ‘between’ feature to initially select the Sunday as the first day of the week but I want it to do this dynamically every day I open the chart the next day & week

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