Ability to calculate median time to convert metric in a Funnel for all users

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I've a time to value report which gives me a median time to value for users who have completed the funnel only. I'm looking to get this metrics where users who have not completed the funnel are also considered in the median value calculation. 

For instance, if 3% users completed the funnel, the median time to value should not only consider the 3% users but all users in calculating the median or average to reduce the bias. 

Since, this currently cannot be achieved in Amplitude, I wanted to request a feature where we have the ability to derive this metrics for all users who completed and not completed the funnel. This is one of our north star metric and will help us remove the bias of users who got converted while looking at the metric.

Also, I want to request the ability to view Median Time to Convert metric in Amplitude's dashboard and compare it month over month.

@srushti.wadekar great question. I pinged our product team to help weigh in and posting their answer here, “Funnel chart supports median time to convert by step, overall, and over time. Combined with the period over period feature, it can already answer your last question too.” 

Here are a few screenshots to help you setup your funnel chart in a similar way.


Second screenshot 


Thanks Esther, Is there an option to view this metric in a dashboard? I do not see any option to view/hide this metric in dashboard.