What's the best way to handle data from 2 platforms (i.e. and

We have two sites that we’d like to track using Amplitude (i.e. and

We were planning to set up one project for each site, but we want to be able to analyze the data from both sites in one dashboard on Amplitude.

What would be the best approach for this?


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Hi @Asoka Wotulo. This kind of question does very much depend on your data requirements and needs. In your case, I’d personally be pushing the two subdomains into the same Amplitude project….unless there are specific reasons not to. One such reason might be user access….if you have users who you want to have access to data for the first subdomain, but not the second, you’ll likely want 2 separate projects.

Hi @dangrainger,

I was considering pushing the data from both subdomains to a single project.

But if we were to put them in the same project, would it be possible to create an analysis for one particular subdomain?

For example: “Top pages on” or “Distribution of session duration on”

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Yes that’s possible - as long as you’re pushing sensible event properties with all of your events in order to do so (hostname, page url, page path, etc).

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@Joe Muller this doesn’t answer your question exactly but gives you some insight into subdomain tracking.

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Hi @Asoka Wotulo I agree with @dangrainger’s suggestion. There are more advantages to keeping the data across multiple platforms in 1 project in order to

  • enable cross-platform analyses, including using the user lookup feature
  • instrument consistent terminology / taxonomy to easily “templatize” analyses across platforms
  • and consider 1 single project for upstream data source configurations and downstream destination configurations 

And exactly as Dan mentioned, as long as you are consistently tracking event properties that identify the platform name / url / path , you will be able to parse your queries on the property value to limit the analysis to a single platform at a time.


Separately, if there remains a desire to host the data in separate projects to limit the analytic scope for end users, contingent on your org’s plan, you may have access to Amplitude Portfolios which enables you to build a new project that joins the data from multiple projects (i.e. platform 1 & platform 2). However an important note on this feature is it does not enrich users with user properties across projects, it just combines all the data into 1 space to query cross-project. 

If you are on Scholarship plan and interested in this feature, you can let us know here with your org id, or you can reach out to your Account Rep to help enable the Portfolios feature. 

Hope this helps!

Hi @dangrainger and @JennRu,

Thanks for the confirmation!

We’ve decided to take your advice and push the data to a single project in order to analyze the data from both platforms on a single dashboard.

Thanks for the help