Trying to use Derived Properties to chart stickiness - first 14 days of usage since sign up

  • 21 April 2023
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Our goal is to understand users' engagement in the first 14 days since sign up (see day per day event usage) through a stickiness chart. We were trying to use a derived property to calculate this date range based on today's date and user's sign up date but we haven't been successful. Any idea on how we can achieve this? Thanks!


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4 replies

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Hi @Esha 

They have a formula documented for calculating a user’s age in here. You could try applying a similar logic using a user’s sign up date.

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Thanks @Saish Redkar! Always a wealth of knowledge. 😊

Hey @Esha, definitely try that out and these steps below might also help:

  1. The account creation date can be sent as a user property. Looking at your project, I can see that you are using our iOS SDK and Android SDK. You can take a look at our documentation below for user property setup.


2. The account creation date can be formatted as an Epoch value or a string (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS). To segment users by the account creation date, you might want to apply operators: "greater or equal", "less or equal", "less" or "greater". For example, account_creation_date is greater than "2022-03-01".

Our Demo has a similar user property which is "trial_start_time". 

  • Apply filters in a chart


  • Create a cohort in the Cohort tab


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Hey @Esther Trapadoux , thanks so much for your help! Our dates were definitely wrong; we were sending them as utc string instead of an iso string!

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@Esha date time formats are the bane of my existence. 😖