How to use Amplitude on WIX websites

  • 28 September 2023
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Badge +9 is a cloud-based development platform that allows you to build your own website without the need to code it from A to Z. If you want to track events that are triggered on your WIX websites, that’s where Amplitude comes in.

Initializing Amplitude on WIX is quite simple and is done just by copypasting our Browser SDK 2.0 initialization snippet into the Settings of your WIX website:

  1. Open the Settings of your WIX website and go to the ‘Advanced’ tab → Custom code
  2. Click ‘Add Custom code’ to add our JavaScript SDK code to your WIX website
  3. Go to our Browser SDK 2.0 documentation and copy the installation snippet (make sure you also grab your Project’s API key and put it in the code instead of ‘YOUR_API_KEY_HERE’ 
  4. Add this snippet to your WIX Custom Code field, name this code snippet some meaningful name if you want (e.g ‘Amplitude Initialization’), select load once/load code on each new page and make sure you place it in the Head of your website code. 
  5. Ta-da! Make sure the toggle is on and now you are done with initializing Amplitude on your WIX website.

Now that you get started, continue to custom user ID, track an event and send properties. 


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1 reply


I feel like there is a piece missing in this tutorial. I have followed the instructions and tried every other variation in your documentation but i get an error no matter what i do. it seems like i need to import amplitude from somewhere for it to work. I followed the instructions above and placed the init amplitude line in the custom code portion of my wix site. i then opened the velo code editor on the main home page and added the function correctly, but on the amplitude.track function the ‘amplitude’ has the red squiggles underneath. i figured it might not know that it was initialized until after deployment but when i test on a test site no events show up. Has anyone successfully added amplitude to a wix project?