Export Project-level Data (event/property usage, limits, event volume)

  • 14 November 2023
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Hey there, looking to programmatically export some of the Project-level data that is shown in the Organization Settings > Projects > General tab so that we can pull this data into our BI tool and include it in a dashboard. 

  • Event Types + Limit
  • Event Properties + Limit
  • User Properties + Limit
  • Events this month

It looks like there’s an API that’s called by the Amplitude app to fetch this data, but from what I understand that isn’t available for use by customers. 

Any other ideas on how to pull this data? Would there be a way to capture this though a chart + Export API?


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Hi @Chris Magee 

That level of metadata isn’t accessible from any API or chart. It’s only available in the UI under org/project settings.

The Taxonomy API is the closest one out there which can help you query your event taxonomy and property types, but afaik none of the endpoint responses in here will give you the event limit quota details.

Hope this helps.