Adding new events or properties

  • 6 February 2023
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I need clear explnation please on how to add new events and properties in Amplitude and in the code, and what are the steps? start on Amplitude tracking plan? or the opposite. 


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5 replies

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Hey @AngelShamieh! Happy to help with this. Do you have a defined list of events that are critical to measuring your product? I recommend taking the time to define the following below in a tracking plan OR even in a Amplitude Notebook:

  • What primary business/product questions you need to answer?
  • What are those key events that will answer those questions?
  • What key event/user attributes do you need to know to answer these questions clearly?

Once you have these defined you can then use Data to start planning your events and then move forward with initializing the SDK and instrumenting those planned events. Leveraging these steps in this order will help you build process and help make sure your efforts are focused and being best utilized.

I hope this helps!



Thanks a lot, I almost finished the list of events. can you assist me on how to add them (technical part in Amplitude and in the code and which part I should start with?)?

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Hey @AngelShamieh! I would recommend you review the following documentation for getting set up:

Quick Start Guide (You completed come of this pre-work already but provide next steps):

Amplitude Dev Docs:


This will help you have all the right info you will need with the instrumentation method you choose to use.


Thanks a lot, its helpful 


Hi, I have another question regarding this topic.

How the property value is added to Amplitude? for example if I have property “Program_Name” and it should be Germany or Italy. 


I have an issue with one of the events, thats only one property value os showing (Germany), how I can add the Italy?