Why is Amplitude Only Segregating Some Data?

Hi Everyone,

I can’t exactly figure out why Amplitude is not categorising all data but only some. For example if I look at the users who have signed up to my platform, each user will have a country.

Amplitude recognises some countries, but it gives some users “none”. However if I look into those profiles, they do have countries. What is going on?

Please see the screenshots below for an example:





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Hey @MattFusion 

Amplitude is an event based analytics platform, and all charts and cohorts query at the event level. Charts will return the property value at the time of an event.

Here are some good posts which explain this behavior in detail

In short, the most probable reason you might be seeing none values in the property is that at the time of your User Signed Up event, some users failed to get this property. And then at a later event, this property got updated for the user.

You can check this user’s first sign up event , look up the raw json for this event and verify if the was set or not for the event .

Hope this helps.

Thank you Saish, you are 100% right! 

This exactly what happened.

Is there anyway to change values as the user updates their details?


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 Hey @MattFusion 

I would suggest reading through this one - How Amplitude applies user properties to events

You will have to send the user properties along the event - both when the user signs up and also if you are capturing events like profile updates to capture the changes.