Where can I get information about this new auto tracking feature?

  • 16 September 2023
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It seems like Amplitude is working on auto click tracking based on Amplitude SDK 2.3.0 release


It mentions this issue:

which mentions a bookmarket that links to this auto tracking plugin:


However I can’t find any infomration on this. We implemented our own click tracking, which was a ton of work and ongoing is a bunch of work to maintain as we add new interactions.

I’m curious to learn more about this native solution via plugin.  We were Heap customers before that did auto click tracking and it was great, but there were lots of gotchas in terms of how it collected data on what was clicked. For example, in an SPA without unique IDs on every element it didn’t do as well.


So i’m interested in learning more about how this works with amplitude, how to give feedback and what the limitations are.

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