When is the event ID being triggered?

  • 19 May 2023
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Hi team! I checked that the event ID is triggered sequentially when users execute 1 event to another event. The defintion that you posted here is that 

Event ID. A counter distinguishing events. Event IDs are associated with the device ID.,associated%20with%20the%20device%20ID

But somehow, I checked that even in 1 exact device ID, it could have the same event ID which equals to 1 (event ID = 1). What other things that can lead to this condition? Is it because of different session id? different device type? What variables that affect changes of event ID?


1 reply

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@Novita Olivera great question, I’ve asked the support team to troubleshoot this further but am glad you’re asking it here so other members can benefit. There are a number of reasons both on the user side or maybe even the SDK that can cause this, the team will dig in and get to you with more details.