Updating Revenue Property Mapping for Events Tracked via Segment

We use Segment's SDK to track our events, specifically the purchase and refund actions.

Here's a brief overview of our setup:

  1. We track a "Package Purchased" event when a user makes a purchase.
  2. We also track a "Package Refunded" event when a refund is issued to a user.

We originally used a property named 'revenue' to track the monetary value of these events. However, we recently fixed an issue where this value was being reported in various currencies without standardisation. We have now standardised this to use USD and have renamed the property 'revenueUSD'. The 'revenue' property is no longer being sent as part of these events.

With this change in our event setup, I have two questions:

  1. How can we inform Amplitude that the 'revenueUSD' property in our "Package Purchased" event should now be considered as Revenue for use in revenue-related reports like LTV?

  2. Is there a way to communicate to Amplitude that the 'revenueUSD' field in the "Package Refunded" event represents negative revenue?

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