Unset Custom User Properties [iOS SDK]

We use the identify function to set several custom user properties. However, when we attempt to unset these properties, they do not get updated or removed in the Amplitude Dashboard.

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Hi @ishtiakahmed 

Ingested data in Amplitude is immutable, hence you will see all previously ingested properties on the raw event even if you unset these properties moving forward. You can hide these user properties from the chart dropdowns using the Data UI


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Hi ishtiakahmed,

This is Yuanyuan from the Amplitude Support team - happy to help!

Saish is correct that ingested data in Amplitude is immutable. The 'under' identify calls only prevent the user properties from being synced to future events. It can't retroactively remove the historical data from the UI.

I hope this is helpful to you. Have a good day!


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