Understanding Cohorts and Event Streaming

  • 16 January 2024
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I am currently looking to use Amplitude to send necessary data to Hubspot in order to run a variety of automated workflows. Two projects I am currently working on are pulling NPS Score data from Appcues into Amplitude, then redirecting it to Hubspot (where it creates or update contact records to track individual NPS scores). 

Additionally, I am looking to better understand the optimal way to track new, registered users of our platform (tracked by the Event “complete registration”), where contacts are created and tracked into a welcome/onboarding automated workflow. 

I am having trouble understanding if these projects are best done using Cohorts or Event Streaming functionality. I have tried both routes with varying degrees of success. 

For the NPS Score, I have created a Custom Behavioral Event in Hubspot but I am not seeing the specific event property “score” on Hubspot which is needed in order to analyze specific responses. Additionally, I do not believe this creates/updates records to track user’s NPS scores. I tried creating a Cohort as well but this did not let me filter/report on the event property “score” either.

For the complete registration, I have created a cohort that includes any users that have completed the registration event. The Cohort has been synced; is this Cohort what created the Amplitude_Complete Registrations list on Hubspot? I have also tried an Event Streaming approach regarding the complete registration event but now I am confused as to what the source of truth is for my data and Hubspot. 

I would greatly appreciate if someone could walk me through my issues and help me better understand the best use cases for Cohorts and Event Streaming in this context. I know the integrations are all live and ready to go as I have already read the Event Streaming Overview, Hubspot Event Streaming, and Send Cohorts to Hubspot but I am still confused.


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