Transferring a project between accounts

  • 23 November 2022
  • 4 replies

Hey all, 

We need to transfer our project, environments and data between Amplitude accounts without any app updates. Is it possible? Can some one share how to do it.


4 replies

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Hey @valitovtm 

You might have to reach out to support to get this done.

@Jeremie Gluckman  @Denis Holmes@Yuanyuan Zhang  

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Thank you for looping in the team @Saish Redkar. They’ll take a look. 😃

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Hi @valitovtm ! Welcome to the Amplitude Community and happy to help 👋

To clarify, do you need to move all of your data from one Amplitude organization to another? If so, can you share more information on why you are doing so - i.e. is the 2nd organization part of a paid plan and you have a Starter org with data that you need in the 2nd org? 

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Hi @valitovtm We’re circling back to make sure you have everything you need. Were you able to make progress here?