storing events taken on website before app install

  • 9 December 2022
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Hi there!

I run a Microsoft app that users download from my website. From the moment they install it, through their entire lifecycle, I have analytics implemented in Amplitude. 

To get a more view granular at the top of the funnel, I now ask email address and want to store how many 1) requests to download I get and 2) how many times my software is download.

Any advice on how I should store this? Since I only make a user ID at install, should I just store the email and download in a separate project and let them be anonymized data? Even having a basic conversion rate here between steps would be useful to me. 

In a best case scenario, I would see the user funnel from initial email request all the way through to recurring payment, but I’m not sure how to do that + I’m sure that’s way outside of the scope of Amplitude. 




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Hello @marlonrodrigues! Thanks for your post and happy to help.

I understand you are asking how to track unique users through this sequence :1) request to download and 2) software is downloaded, and so on. Ultimately this is a business decision you would need to make on your side, however, you could instrument event types to track ‘Request to Download’ and ‘Software Downloaded’, respectively. Then you could query these events as a sequence of steps on a Funnel Analysis chart.

If you are concerned about anonymous users being tracked as the same user once they become an identified/known user (i.e. once they have a set user ID upon install), you can read more on how Amplitude tracks unique users in our documentation linked here: .

In this case, once the anonymous user performs an an event with an existing user ID value present, the events performed when they user was anonymous should merge into the know user profile (see the ‘Merged Users’ section of the ‘Tracking unique users’ article) and you would then be able to see the full conversion sequence of the user on a funnel (i.e. from initial email request all the way through to recurring payment).

If you want to “trigger” an anonymous user profile to be merged into a known user profile you could either send an event server side (here are are docs on how to send an event via the HTTP API) or use an identify call to set the user ID on the user’s subsequent events (Identify API, iOS SDK, Android SDK). Once the anonymous profile is associated with/performs an event with a known user ID the anonymous user profile and events should subsequently merge into the know user profile.


Regarding tracking an email address property and a download event type, we generally do not advise tracking email addresses as this can be considered PII, however, if you are tracking an email address on the download event you can do this in the same project so that you can query the user flow sequence all within the same project. If you do choose to track this data across projects then you might considered purchasing the Portfolio add-on (cross project analysis).

Hope this helps!