Proper UTM Tracking with Amplitude

  • 24 April 2023
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Hi, we are using Ampli (codegen) to track our solution. I now want to track visitors in the app based on the links in emails the users clicked on.

For that UTM tracking feels natural. What is the best way to set that up using Ampli Codegen? What do we need to setup/prepare?

Do I have to manually track this in a specific event or when/how are UTM parameters tracked automatically? 

Please note, we only use Analytics.


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Hi @kornelius great question! It looks like the support team has gotten back to you on this. Not super ideal given how important email is in the user journey. I can also submit this feedback to the product team.


Posting there answer here in case you didn’t see it come through:

The Engineers have confirmed we only have out-of-box UTM tracking for the browser SDK and not the Ampli GO SDK. There is no UTM tracking in GO. You would need to implement it by yourself. You can also use the GO SDK to call the identify call to track the UTM. However, you would need to handle the logic when you want to track the UTM.