Old default userId still eppearing for users

  • 25 September 2023
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We have an anomaly in our Amplitude events that users appear with an old userID which was  present in the old version created at the initialisation phase as this:

amplitudeInit(amplitudeApiKey, 'Amplitude for admin-tool', { minIdLength: 1 });

Later we changed the initialization by removing the  “Amplitude for admin-tool” string and set the userId to `undefined`  for default and also used the setUserId method after login to set the actual user id.

amplitudeInit(amplitudeApiKey, undefined, { minIdLength: 1 });


The problem is that we are still getting events occasionally with the userId of “Amplitude for admin-tool” string. 

We would like to stop their browser from sending this outdated ID and associate these users to have their actual userID set by setUserId or simply.


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