Job Offer Scam

  • 3 April 2024
  • 1 reply

The scammers continue to use Amplitude’s name and logo to lure victims.  As described by a previous poster, it’s a position to optimize amazon products by submitting phony reviews.  You get paid and lots of bonuses every day.

The catch is you have to deposit money which you get back after completing the tasks.  It works well for a few days.  They even give you money for training. About $150 US.  But after they lure you in and it looks legit, there are these increasing bundling products where you have to deposit more.  And more and more. Basically beyond the reach of a regular person.  No deposit, no money back.

Quite the sophisticated outfit. User group. A trainer who is super friendly, flirty, and helpful. Guides you thru the whole process.  But then you get hooped. Start thinking of the bons money available and it worked every other time, only a few tasks left. blah blah.

The best think to do is to go along and collect the free money.  I have done 3 times now.  I keep getting offers!  They get all pissy when you quit. Haha