Issue while configuring the default user in Amplitude analytics

  • 8 September 2022
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Hello Everyone 🖐🏼.

My name is Yvan, first time using Amplitude.


I have a small issue while using the Amplitude SDK (Expo React Native). In fact, I've developed an app whereby Drivers can register orders from customers manually (By entering what they ordered, from which restaurant, ...), and can "simulate" their orders being processed until delivery.

However, when using the SDK, I saw there that I can only track users as Drivers when they're trying to register orders (Since they're the ones who open the app). But is it possible instead to configure and send user records as customers to Amplitude ? So that instead of saying that: "A driver has registered an order from customer A", I can say "Customer A has placed this order", and then maybe, instead of saying: “The driver is trying to process orders from customer A, B and C”, we can instead say: “Customer A, B and C has their individual order being processed at some step” ?


Thank you so much in advance 🙏🏼


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Hey @wonks1101 

From what I understand, the doers of the actual action in your app code are the drivers and not actual customers? Or is there a separate app for customers?
If it’s two different entities performing actions in realtime ( ie. drivers and customers ) in the same app, then you can easily use the JS SDK to track both the user’s events.

If it’s just translating the driver action to reflect an equivalent customer action ( without the customer doing the actual action ), then you can try using the server side HTTP API to generate these events based on your business logic.

Let me know if I have interpreted your use case correctly. Hope this helps.

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Hi @wonks1101 ! Welcome to Amplitude and the Amplitude Community 👋 

I want to follow-up and support Saish’s suggestions. It will really depend on who are the doers of the actual action in your app code. Can you share more about how your app works? 

Yes exactly.
The doers of the app are the drivers, but they are not the actual customers. As a matter of fact, the drivers are part of our company, so they use the app in order to “help” customers make orders for them. So I really want to track customer events (Retention, LTV, behavioral cohorts, ...) instead of drivers event.

So firstly, my app allow drivers to register customers who want to use our service for food delivery, and then, they [drivers] can register and process orders from many customers during a day. But in amplitude, I really want instead to emphasize customer events (what they decided to order and when they ordered, at what costs, from which restaurant, the status of their orders...).


So please, can you confirm me once more if the HTTP API can help me with this need


Thank you so much again for your help 🙏

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Hi @wonks1101 ! Thanks for sharing this with us. In that case, it may be best for you to send data through our server-side HTTP API endpoint as you can translate the driver-actions to customer-actions first and then send the customer-actions over to us. 

It may be possible for you to still use the JS SDK but you’ll have to work with your development team to figure out how to correctly identify the users as customers and how to structure the events so that they are from “customers’ perspective”. But again, that will be something you will have to work with your own development team regarding your code. 

Great, that’s all I wanted to know
Thank you very much