Is there any way to capture all events on the application?

  • 7 February 2022
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On my web application I do not want to create the events via engineering and want all the events to be auto captured. Is there any way that can be done?

My web application has multiple page and want to create event creation in some of them and NOT all. Later these events can be used in visualisation/chart creation in Amplitude.


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Hey @nitin.chauhan 

The very design of the Amplitude platform is making sure we are intentional in our instrumentation to answer the questions which have the most impact, rather than auto-tracking every possible event which happens.

Here are some pretty good posts by Jeffrey and Adam on this very concept and why Amplitude doesn’t support in auto-tracking -


Hope this helps!


Thanks for the details @Saish Redkar , I understand your point on data not being useful after some time. My main concern is how Amplitude is making users self sufficient so there is no dependency on Engineering/ Deployments/ production time scenarios and more. Please let know if any other way to do it with no strings attached with engineering cycles.  

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You are right, the dependencies introduced can cause quite a pain in the instrumentation workflow.

I recently came across Amplitude’s Iteratively docs which try to address to some extent on how instrumentation can be more streamlined and integrated with existing engineering workflows using a git like methodology. It doesn’t completely eliminate the dependency or bring in the total self-serve aspect, but worth looking at it. Hope that helps.