Is site and job offer legitimate or a scam?

  • 5 January 2024
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Is a scam site or it is a genuine site?


Received WhatsApp message from Gianna - Direct Staffing on 7/12 about job opportunity. Told someone will have contacted me if interested. I said Y & got contacted via WhatsApp 9/12 by a lady that explained to me about the online marketing agency, and & role is to assist merchants in generating high value ratings for their products, aimed to increase their product exposure through reviews & ratings. Role: support online merchants (online platforms such eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba), many experiencing losses & struggle to maximize sales for increased profits. Remuneration and pay - a commission basis + basic/monthly salary. The system distributes 40 products data for users to drive. 0.5% commission on the product price for each data + 1.5% commission for each merged data. After completing 2 sets, earnings about £70-£140 + weekly salary £925 + monthly salary £2k - Bronze level. After completing sets then able to withdraw money from the platform to exchange OKX crypto e-wallet then transfer it to my bank. Got registered to portal and working account after training completion. Then joined WhatsApp group with 22 members. On Fri 15/12 I tried to complete my first set & did get a bundle (2 products), needed 3,434.09 USDT to complete. I did not have the money so I asked the support to confirm this was the last bundle of the set (products 33-34). They CONFIRMED (I have written proof), prior me asking my mum for the money needed. Received 3500EUR from mum, then converted it to USDT, then transferred all money I had on the platform. Then completed the 2nd bundle (product 33-34) in the same set. Then got stuck with another bundle at product 37-38. Now needed 7,490.15 USDT to complete with a total balance of -7,268.90 USDT and 1,200 USDT of commissions waiting to be cashed out after completion. I do not have the 7,268.90 USDT assuming the bundle is just 2 products 37-38 rather than 3. I informed the support & told to find the funds to complete. I argued that the CS confirmed on 15/12 the 34th data as the final one in the merge & after submitting there would have been NO ADDITIONAL MERGE PRODUCTS IN THE SET. I now do not have access to 7,820.71 USDT in this platform. Revolut informed me that there has been an increase in scams targeting crypto investors where customers move their funds to wallets they do not control. Fraudsters show victims fake investment gains, but the fraud only materializes when you attempt to withdraw your funds.



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Looks like a total scam from the screenshots. Only genuine thing seems to be the Amplitude logo.

Have seen several posts talking about these scam sites for the past few years

Amplitude careers page JIC -