iOS session duration is incorrectly high since iOS SDK 8.17.2 (or some other version newer than 8.10.0)

  • 5 February 2024
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Hi All


Since about autumn 2023 session length of some sessions started growing much to amounts clearly not in how our app is likely to be used (we are a job search app, not a game to have long sessions). We traced it down to the following:

1. It is exactly iOS specific

2. It seems to be happening exactly for the versions that have upgraded Amplitude SDK from 8.10.0 to 8.17.2 (i.e. for older versions of our app using older Amplitude SDKs we do not see such issues, at least not en masse)

3. We digged and found many example of sessions that seem to be tracked not per Amplitude session tracking rules (that is session should end 5 min after no events happen).



For example in this session 1707114933154 you can see almost 1 hour long interval between events (a bit less than one hour, so it’s not likely to be some time zone error). We have similar examples for over 3 hours difference and so forth.


What to do?

  • As a quick fix, we are trying to roll back to Amplitude SDK 8.10.0, but what should the proper fix be?
  • Does anybody has similar issues and any workaround that helps?
  • Is it a bug with session duration calculation? But then why is it client library specific?


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