Inaccurate cohort and User Look-Up results

  • 21 March 2024
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When I create a cohort or use the User Look-Up search for The Users who did have user property email = (none), my result still shows users that have email in their user properties. These users are easily identifiable to have an email because their User ID start with google-oauth.

Wondering if this is a known issue or would appreciate any help if there’s something I’m missing.

Thank you

2 replies

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Hi @michael.tran 

This might happen because there would be atleast one event recorded for that user wherein the email property didn’t get captured. User properties under the user profile reflect the last captured value of the properties, hence you are seeing the email value in there.

You will have to chart one specific user id in an event segmentation chart and use a group by on email property to see when this (none) event occurred. Hope this helps.

Thank you @Saish Redkar for the explanation. This helps understand the functionality. and I’ll need to explore some more.


A feature enhancement request could be to add an event date qualifier for the Cohort and User-Lookup reporting views... since a custom fields won’t initially have values for users. The existing nuance you mentioned can create friction and require further exploration to obtain accurate reporting.