Impact of calling setOptOut(true) on client SDK, local or global?

  • 21 March 2023
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Greetings Amplitude Community,

Together with my team, we are currently doing some integration work with amplitude, both on client and server-side. Some events will be tracked from the mobile app (via SDK) and some from our backend system.

If the client app calls setOptOut(true) for a user X, does it mean that tracking has been disabled for the user globally? As in… if after opting out in the client side, our backend tries to track an event on behalf of the same user X, would this event be tracked?

the SDK documentation states:

Users may wish to opt out of tracking entirely, which means Amplitude doesn't track any of their events or browsing history. OptOut provides a way to fulfill a user's requests for privacy

But it is not clear to me whether entirely means also in terms of backend calls (or from another device associated to the same user, say the user has also our app installed on an ios phone)

Thanks in advance


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Hi! If a user calls setOptOut(true) on the client SDK, it will only disable tracking for that particular device and will not affect tracking from other devices or backend calls. If the user opts out on one device, but still uses your app on another device, their activity will still be tracked on that device unless they opt out there as well. Similarly, if the user opts out on one device but you track an event on their behalf from the backend, that event will still be tracked. The opt-out setting is device-specific and does not apply to all devices associated with the user. Hope this helps clarify things!

Thanks @Hadish ,

You answer is indeed helpful. Do you have any link to documentation stating this? I could not find within the resources offered in the developer center (which are super well maintained btw).


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Hi @Alex Corbi Thanks for following up. I ran a quick Google search and we also have resources in our Help Center here. Here are few related threads that might help too!