How to find what is the first event a user had (for chart usage)

  • 12 September 2023
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My scenario:

For user that had a user-creation event, I want to find out what was their first event on amplitude, the one that has not had other events before it.

Could not find a way to do that so far, would love to get ideas. 

( I can see that information by looking at his event stream but I  want to create a chart for this) 


Thanks 🙂

1 reply

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Hi @shani cohen 

Usually teams have a standard event like “login/signup” as their very first event.
If you are looking to find the very next event from the user creation event, then a chart like pathfinder could help. Historical count is one option out there, but not sure if that will exactly fit your use case.

If a user can have different starting events based on your app navigation and you want to query on this specifically , then a custom event property of count would be the easiest way.