How to export individual users' event stream?

I’ve used the User Look-Up feature and can now see the default Property Values and Event Stream (screenshot below):


Next, I’d like to export the Event Stream for this user into CSV. Is there a way I can do that? Similarly, is there anyway I can export multiple Event Streams from multiple Users (identified by their User ID or email addresses?)


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Hey @Mike 

From what I know, downloading event streams for an individual user ID via CSV isn’t currently supported in the User Lookup UI. If you are just looking at events performed by user and their total counts for a time period, then a exporting a chart like this might help.

The only other way to get an “Event Stream” download would be exporting your project’s raw event data and then querying on that individual user ID.

Here are some ways of exporting your project’s raw event data -

  • If you are a paid customer, then you can setup recurring exports to the cloud destination of your choice ( S3, Snowflake, GCS ) directly from the Amplitude UI. These would be ideally in a database table and then you can query using SQL.
  • If you are not on a paid plan, then you can leverage the Export API to export your event data. This would be exported as JSON zipped files.
  • You can also export raw data directly for a project using the Export Data option in your project settings.These too would be exported as JSON zipped files.

Let me know if I have interpreted your question correctly. Hope this helps!


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Hey there,


Fantastic reply by @Saish Redkar !

Currently, there is indeed no way to export a user's entire event stream in-app, but we do have a User Activity API (Dashboard REST API) or DSAR API that might fit your needs.

The DSAR API was built so that we could be in compliance with CCPA. When you make a successful request with the DSAR API, you will receive a list of URLs from which to fetch gzipped files of ALL data for that User ID from all projects in your organization. 

The User Activity API returns a user summary and their most recent 1000 events plus all of the events from their most recent session. The results are returned in a JSON response rather than in files. This API uses the project level API which Admins and Managers in the org can find in the project settings.


Hope this helps! 

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Can we add this as a feature?