How to configure my webhook to send data on a Make automation?

  • 9 January 2024
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Hello :)

I'm trying to send event data to a webhook on a Make workflow. The payload I'm using is : 


"event_type" : "${input.event_type}",
"event_time" : "${input.event_time}",
"user_properties" : {
"email" : "${!}",
"organization_id" : "${input.user_properties.organization_id!}",
"organization_name" : "${input.user_properties.organization_name!}",
"language" : "${input.user_properties.language!}"


However, at the moment I literally receive this information on my Make automation 😅 (and not the dynamic data). Also, the status of this webhook on Amplitude is enabled but it doesn't seem to be sending anything to my automation.

Could you please help me? 

0 replies

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