Exporting full list of users from Amplitude

  • 19 January 2024
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Hello Amplitude Community,

I'm currently seeking options to export a full list (not for last month/year only) of unique users from our Amplitude data. My objective is to retrieve basic user information such as user_id, email, first_name, and last_name for the entire duration of our usage of Amplitude.

So far, I've investigated several places, including:

  • Export API: While this does provide detailed event-level data, the granularity and volume (even for short time spans) result in too large exports that aren't practical for my needs.
  • Dashboard REST API Endpoints: I've looked into various endpoints such as User Activity, Active and New User Counts, and User Search. However, these seem to provide either detailed data for individual users or aggregate statistics, rather than a comprehensive list of all unique users.

Given these challenges, I am reaching out for guidance:

  1. Is there an efficient way to export a list of all unique users (with basic details like user_id, email, first_name, and last_name) from Amplitude?
  2. Are there any best practices or alternative methods within Amplitude’s toolset that could facilitate this kind of data export?

Any insights and tips on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!


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Hi @Kirill Penchukov 

You are correct in your evaluation of the Export API and Dashboard REST API approaches.

Here are some alternate ways

  • If your user count is less than 1M users over your total usage interval, you can create a simple bar chart of all users and “Download Users” from the chart datapoint. The resulting CSV will have the user_id along with the captured user properties for every recorded user.
    • This option is only available if the user count is <1M
  • Send your data to your preferred warehouse and extract the user details via SQL.