Device type displaying as "Apple iPhone"

  • 12 August 2021
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On a User Composition chart I have that composes by Device Type, there is a large segment for the device type “Apple iPhone” – however, there are a bunch of individual models of the iPhone below – iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone 7 Plus, etc...

I really want to know the composition of that larger iPhone category. Is this something I have configured incorrectly?


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Hey @chrishan ,

If you have instrumented your app via the SDKs, the default captured device user properties should be the “Device Family” and “Device Type” . These are determined based on the model and manufacturer that’s present.

Here’s a post which adds some more context on how these 2 fields are generated:


Ideally a chart like this should work which would break down the device type for Device Family = Apple iPhone if the SDKs are able to extract the exact device type.

If you are using the JS SDK, then most likely the device type isn’t captured as per my understanding of this doc as shown below


Hope I have interpreted your use case correctly.