Question Integration Broken for Existing Users

  • 20 April 2023
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Consider the following situation:

A user exists in before we implemented Amplitude.

Now we implement Amplitude, and the user is new to Amplitude.

What breaks:

Amplitude creates the user in without an email. At this point in time, there are 2 users in the original user that already existed with an email, and the user Amplitude created from a user_id that does not have an email. Then when Amplitude attempts to update the email attribute, 3 things happen:

  • On the original user with an email, there’s a failed attribute change for the `id` attribute, with the following error: `reason: "cio_id must be used to change id value."`
  • On the new user with no email that Amplitude created, there’s a failed attribute change for the `email` attribute, with the following error: `reason: "The identifier is already associated with a different profile."`
  • In Amplitude in the destination debugger, there are internal errors that say `"Property not found. Property name: user_id. Json path: user_id"` (potentially unrelated, not sure)

I suspect Amplitude is trying to update the `email` property in without actually trying to call an endpoint to merge the user with another one.

3 replies

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@sarah.krasnik.prefect thanks for surfacing this issue! I’ve escalated this to the integrations team to take a deeper look.

@Esther Trapadoux Some more information: this can be partially helped by changing the customerio identifier in Amplitude to be email, so extra users aren’t always created, but an issue still occurs where an internal error is thrown in Amplitude and on the CustomerIO side I see similar errors still.


Related ticket:

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@sarah.krasnik.prefect thanks for this, I think this plus the other request re: was merged. Looks like @sydney.koh is on top of this for you! If it’s ok with you, I’ll update this topic once the issue is resolved so other community members can benefit from the answer.