Could you please inform me if there is a document explaining each field of the API Response? 

  • 6 March 2024
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In the API References document, I only found explanations for some of the Response fields. Explanations for certain fields and the return values of some interfaces are missing. For example, it is mentioned in "Get results from an existing chart" that "Responses vary based on the chart's type." Is there a document that provides a detailed explanation of the meaning of each return value for every interface?


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Hi @Bubble 

The Dashboard REST API docs are the only place where you could find this info. But I agree with you that the Existing chart endpoint section isn’t the best out there.

I usually interpret the chart results by comparing the existing chart’s data in the UI vs mapping the data returned from the API response. Different charts need to be evaluated differently based on the responses.

For all the other endpoints, I feel there is decent enough explanation under their respective “Response” section.

Hope this helps.