Before/After Pages?

  • 6 August 2021
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Is it possible to see what page a user came from (even if from an outside source) or what page they went to after a particular event?

Thinking beyond the limitations of funnels.

What drove a user to this particular page or where did they go after leaving?


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Hey @bhill ,

If you want to track how users are getting to your website, then you will need to track the referrer (the referring site) property. More on that in this web attribution doc.

Here are a few other posts for added context - 


I’m not quite sure if Amplitude is able to help track any page visits once you leave your product website/page. For understanding user paths within the scope of your product/website, you can leverage the Pathfinder Users chart.


Let me know if I have interpreted your question correctly here. Hope this helps!