What event do you use to track funnels for new users? 🤔


New to the community here  👋   and looking forward to hear your thoughts.


I’m curious what everyone does to track an activation funnel for new users 🤔


Do you create a funnel chart from Account Creation to the required step (let’s say item purchase) and keep the “completed within” to 90 days (max value I can use)?


Or do you divide uniques(purchase) / uniques(account creation) to account for those who converted after more than 90 days?


Or do you use another funnel like app open → purchase and have a filter of user performed purchases  = 0 times until the start time of your chart?


What if the funnel is different for different cohorts (some users need to take additional steps, let’s say email verification). Do you set custom properties for those users to include them on the relevant funnel analysis?


And for non-registered users yet (via device ID), what funnels do you recommend tracking for?


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Hey @guenena,

In my experience, funnel charts are the right tool to track funnel progression of any kind, activation or otherwise. However when I first started using Amplitude, I went the route of using a custom formula, uniques(event A)/uniques(event B) to see daily conversion rate. The issue with this method is Amplitude does not require users to perform event A in order to count them for event B. It also doesn’t allow us to set a conversion window. For us, it was a very rare scenario for the user to be able to perform event B without perform event A first, so we were okay with using this method in order to calculate daily conversion rate. Now that the funnel charts allow us to see Conversion Over Time, we no longer use the custom formula method 😁


Lastly, if different cohorts have different journeys, I would create separate funnel charts for each journey/cohort.


Hope this helps! Funnels are my fave, so happy to chat more :)


Do you know your particular signup event? If so, in the segmentation panel, you can create a cohort stating the signup event to be triggered in the past X days.