Tracking usage in Product Demo?

Hey everybody,

I’m building a demo account for my mobile App. The idea is somewhat similar to the Amplitude Product Demo.

All new users will have to see the demo before being able to sign up. On the backend side, everybody is effectively logging into the same Demo Account. Our objective is to increase conversion from App install to sign up.

I’d like to track usage of the demo mode to understand if users check specific features/sections of the App and how long they browse the demo. I’m insure about the best way to do that while avoiding noise:

My current idea: 

  • Add a demo mode attribute to all events and filter them afterwards → not ideal because I’ll have to filter them on all charts forever.
  • Create a Launched Product Demo & Exit Product Demo event, and use timestamps to calculate duration → solves the session question, but not the usage.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic!




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Hey @villeneuve 

Interesting use case. It really depends on how extensive the product demo could be wrt usage.

  • If it’s a toned-down version, then I would go with adding a demo mode attribute on events performed within the umbrella of events between Launched Product Demo & Exit Product Demo event. But I see the pain in having to filter out them in the charts.
  • You can also try instrumenting a user property to capture state of the user ( in_demo : true/false) and toggle it accordingly. You can then create a reusable user segment using that property and apply it to charts whenever you want to analyze demo mode usage. This will ensure that you are capturing a user’s usage in demo mode only as long as you are correctly setting/unsetting that user property.
  • The not so interesting approach would be to decouple your demo experience from actual app and send those events into another project if that makes life easier.

There definitely could be other ways of addressing this use case apart from the above ones.

Let me know if I have interpreted this correctly. Hope this helps.

Hey @Saish Redkar ,

Thanks for the feedback, it looks like there is no perfect solution :) 
We cannot instrumente a user property since the demo doesn’t require an email (unlike Amplitude’s one). I’ll think about it and share what we ended up doing!